The Most Common Parenting Mistakes at Raising Boys

Every parent wants to do what’s best for the child. But sometimes parents make mistakes in bringing up their children, that can have negative impact on their development and psychology. Psychologists have identified the most common mistakes that parents make when raising boys.

Telling bad things about men

You shouldn’t tell bad words about men in the presence of your son as he will definitely keep it in his mind. In the future he will try to do whatever women want in order to please them.

Activity suppression

Boys are much more active than girls. They are physiologically unable to sit on one place for a long time. The suppression of activity means that in the future such a child runs the risk of acquiring very bad habits that would give him the joy he previously received from the activity.

No emotions

Do not be afraid of hugging or kissing your boy too much. We assure that he will not grow weak. On the contrary, boys that get more love from their parents feel more confident in communicating with the opposite sex.

Avoiding answers to “awkward” questions

Some parents often avoid answering “awkward” questions addressed by their sons. But it’s worth trying to explain everything in an understandable language. So this would them formulate their own perception of the world.

First love

Boys can “fall in love” in their 4-5 years. Do not tell your boy that it is temporary and not too serious as he trusted you his secret. Your answer would mean this topic is not interesting to you. He won’t tell you his secrets any more.