The main nail trends of summer 2019

Basic manicures in shades of nude or red are great for spring, fall, and winter. But summer is the time to let loose and go for a nail look that’s a little sunnier—and a thousand times more fun. Here are the main trends of nails that you can definitely use this summer.

Rainbow nails

Why choose one color if you can use a few of them? Nails may be done in pastel shades, as they make your hands more feminine. This trend is widely shown on Instagram.

Almond-shaped nails

The main trend of this season is the almond shape of nails. This shape makes your fingers look longer and more elegant.

Bright yellow with lemon design

You can make your nails look more interesting just by adding lemon design.

Ombre nails

Nail masters suggest doing ombre design for this summer, which will make you look complete.

Nails with logo

Nails with logo on them are a fresh trend of this year. But it is important not to use too much of them and to do it with pastel color nail polish.

Minimalistic nails

If you don’t like bright and bold nails, then this option is perfect for you.

Two-shaded nails

This trend is perfect for evening parties. You can combine different colors that you think will look good together.