The Healthiest Lunch Boxes for Your Children

It is important to understand what kind of food should be sent to school with the child , to ensure that it would not only fill the hunger but will also recharge the brain. Some useful tips and information for kid’s lunch.

Dried fruits and nuts

A handful of nuts and dried fruits perfectly suits as a light snack. Hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, raisins, dried apricots, figs are the best food for the brain. At the same time, dried fruits and nuts should be packed in closed containers, so that they do not crumble all over the satchel.


An excellent option for a school snack is sandwiches. Instead of sausage and butter on a sandwich, it is desirable to put a piece of baked or boiled meat, cucumber or sweet pepper (you can take other vegetables – the main thing is that they are not wrinkled in the backpack). A good breakfast is a few pieces of hard cheese.


A seasonal fruit perfectly suits a child: apples, pears, bananas, plums. They well saturate and supply the body with the necessary nutrients.


From vegetables, it is best to choose a cucumber, carrot or sweet pepper. For school children, carrots are especially useful, it should be put in a knapsack several times a week.

Grained Cereals

Note, that grained cereals for breakfast are much more suitable than cakes or pastry. After all, whole grains are complex carbohydrates, and that’s why baking for a long time will quench the feeling of hunger. You can put in a bag homemade cakes, but only if it was prepared without using margarine, buton and sour cream. It’s a great idea to add fruit or nuts