The Cheapest Summer Holiday Destinations for 2019

It is already summer and people start looking for places to visit during their summer holidays. For example, many dream to travel Greece, and it turned out that the prices for flights and hotels are cheaper by 1/3 in comparison with last year.  A huge 36 per cent drop of prices has been recorded in Kalamata, city of the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece.

Kalamata, Greece

Located at only 225 km from Athens, Kalamata is a great place to get to know Greek culture. You’ll find an Old Town, a castle, pavement cafes and a harbour in the city itself, while it makes for a fantastic base to explore the rest of the Peleponnese as you hop from beach to beach.

If you’re looking to travel long-haul, a summer holiday research revealed that prices in Buenos Aires have dropped by 29 per cent, while Alicante is the third cheapest place to fly, followed by Valencia and Marrakech.


Buenos Aires
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When it comes to only European destinations that are cheaper than last year, Faro, Zadar and Seville made the top 10 for value.