The Body Part You Wash First While Bathing Tells a lot about You

Early morning routines often begin with bathing for most people. However, the way we bathe is never the same. We might not have noticed, but there is a tendency in all of us to start the bathing with a certain body part. Subconsciously, the decision is made by our body and it tells a lot about our personality.

If you wash your face first

You are very concerned about how you are perceived, and thus want to take the utmost care of what is noticed first by others — the face. Also, it is hard for these people to hear bad things about themselves.

If you wash your arms or legs first

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You can call yourself a humble person. However, there is another side to this. Arms or legs are also the symbols of strength and willpower. Thus, washing them first indicates that you have no fear of expressing your choices.

If you wash your privates first

These people are very shy and have low self-esteem. They are not given much attention in social groups, however, those who know these people closely will say they’re the most genuine person on earth.

If you wash your chest first

You are a confident and straightforward person. You are quite determined and confusion hardly has an effect on you. You like being independent and people admire you for this.

If you wash your hair first

You are a person who likes discipline and order. The topmost part of your body generally denotes strength and washing it first indicates that you have a firm opinion about everything and you believe in being practical. You also manage time very well and are known for your punctuality. You often put brains above wealth when choosing your friends.

If you wash your shoulders and neck first

The most hardworking people often wash their neck and shoulder area first. Shoulders denote burden and you always want to get rid of the burden of achieving everything with perfection.. You are very competitive and want to be a step ahead of everyone else.

If you wash your back first

You are always very cautious and don’t trust people easily. You have a habit of delving into things deeply and making decisions carefully.