The Best Toddler Apps

Sometimes mothers need a rest, to make call or to take a shower. That is why today there are many applications for children. However, when choosing such programs, you should pay attention to the fact that they are not only designed to provide entertainment for the child, but also to teach the child something new – letters, colors or numbers.

Below we present you similar programs.

PBS Kids Games

Daniel Tiger, Arthur, and all the other PBS Kids characters come together for games so fun, kids won’t even realize they’re educational. The app is also constantly updated with new games, so they’ll never be bored.


This app uses stories, quizzes, games, and videos to get kids started on a path to learning about reading, math, science, and art.

Elmo Loves 123s

Elmo Loves 123s is our favorite because Elmo is perennial kid fave, and it offers cute ways for kids to learn numbers.


There are more than 40,000 books on this site that are ready to read, and you can search them by age or interest.

Source Goodhousekeeping