The Best Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

Every summer has its hairstyle trends. The “Pure Wow” periodical represents the hairstyles that are going to be on top this summer.

Super-High Ponytail

high pony hairstyle

The most classic hot weather hairstyle works for any texture. Pull everything up high above the crown of your head for all the cheerleader vibes.

Sleek Low Pony Tail

low ponytail hair style

Center-parted and stick straight, this style requires basically zero skills. Just use a rat-tail comb to get a precise part and slick flyaways down with a bit of hairspray.

Loose Side Braid

braided hairstyle

Beach hair just met its match. A loose, pulled-apart side braid gets hair off your shoulders, and saltwater helps keep everything intact.

Slicked Back

slicked back hairstyle

This wet-look hairstyle is quickly becoming our go-to for summer. Whether your hair’s already wet from the pool or you just want to fight frizz, squeeze a dollop of gel into palms and run fingers through your roots.

Braided Pony

braided pony hairstyle

Tired of the same only ponytail? Braid it. Whether you work in some cornrows or not, it’s sure to keep you looking fly.