The Best Destinations for Honeymoon

Wedding planning, while exciting, can be a major source for stress, and your honeymoon is likely going to be your first real chance to enjoy some quality time with your spouse. The trip should be relaxing, while also suiting your wants, needs, and style as a couple.

Here, the ultimate honeymoons to have on your short list.


Greece’s rich history, exceptional food and mesmerizing beauty make it an ideal place to set off on honeymoon, spending at least a few nights amid the postcard beauty of Santorini. Overlooking the cerulean seas combined with the whiteness of buildings, this is the Greece we’ve all dreamt of.


Colombia is always impressive to its visitors with its lively nightlife. Check out Cartagena, where you can enjoy pastel buildings in the old city and get a sense of the city’s colonial history.


The California coast oozes romance with its natural beauty, varied (but perfect) climates and plays host to some of the best views around. For some Big Little Lies vibes, spend a few nights in the utterly cool beach town of Montecito (which many celebrities call home).