The Best 7 Movies of the Year

Below we present you the best and most interesting 7 movies of this year, which can replace any of your favorite games.


This interesting story is based on real events in June 2015, when two prisoners, Richard Mac (Benicio del Toro) and David Sweat (Paul Dano), escaped from Clinton’s jail in New York, and Joyce Mitchell, who is Talin (Patricia Archer), who worked at the sewing workshop of the institution where two prisoners were serving their sentences for their murders, helped them escape though their complex plan. 51-years-old married Tallin, who later became a part of the love triangle, was regularly supplying prisoners with tools, maps, and other products. This film should be watched for the brilliant actors, as well as Ben Stiller’s interesting directorial work.


The 16-year-old American Pety (India Eisley) does not have one of the happiest lives. She was raised by a cruel, black and alcoholic mother, and she had no information about her white skin father. But, once she learns that she is adopted and her real name is Fauna Hodel, and her grandfather is well-known Hollywood doctor George Hodel. And here she goes to Los Angeles to find her real family. The continuation is more interesting and dark. If you are a lover of detective, then this film is perfect for you.


According to this comedy show, paradise is a large office with several departments, and God is an unpleasant boy (despite Steve Bowman’s performance), who was already fed up with what he has created. He watches television and drinks all day long. But one day he decides to destroy the Earth. Employees of the department, Eliza (Geraldine Viswanathan) and Craig (Daniel Radcliffe), who are mainly re-creating human prayers, make an agreement with him, according to which, if they can perform one of the most difficult prayers, he will save mankind. Thanks to that prayer, they had to make two lonely people to fall in love with each other. Even though, Miracle Workers is not one of the most respectful films in history, but its general idea and presentation is at least fun and exciting.


Otis lives with his mother who is an open-minded sex therapist (Gillian Anderson’s unexpected change). The boy communicates with a black gay man and not so modest Maeve. Later, they open a secret clinic where Maeve is a customer manager and Otis makes advices for schoolchildren about the sexual relations. Through the example of teenagers’ issues, the series presents many topics that adults and contemporary society face.


Sandy Kominsky (Michael Douglas), who has obviously aged, but has not lost his charisma, talent, and charm), who has been a successful actor, now teaches his acting skills by a method that he called by his name and tries to repay his debts. Her agent and best friend Noran (Alan Arkin), on the contrary, is not deprived of financial means, but suffers for the loss of his wife and is trying to improve his relationship with his estranged daughter who struggles with pill addiction. (Lisa Edelstein ).

They fight against the existing crisis in different ways, and in the whole season they think and discuss topics on aging, death, relationship, and everything that each and every people can think about sooner or later. Do not wait for a plot full of events and developments. However, light and mature humor, exciting dialogues and brilliant performance are guaranteed in this movie.


Friends of Nadia Vulvokov have organized a party in the loft of the New York Fashion House on the occasion of her 36th anniversary. Getting out of the party, she falls under the car and dies, but with some miracle she appears again in the washroom of the same loft and again on her birthday. After surviving several sudden deaths, Nadia understands that she has fallen into a temporary trap and should try to get out of that.

The Widow

Georgia Wells (Kate Beckinsale) loses her husband on a Congo plane crash and three years later she knows that there is a hope that her husband is still alive because his body has not been found in the ruins of an airplane crash. She goes to Africa to find her missing or dead husband. But this operation turns out to be life-threatening not just for her, but for all those who are trying to help her. Thus, it is not surprising that it is said: “Children, do not go for a walk in Africa!”

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