The Abs-Tightening Workout You Didn’t Realize You Needed

Next time you’re in the gym on ab day consider slightly modifying your usual workout. If you’re looking to define your abdominal region, you should implement removing the balance points during exercises. Your abs engage more effectively when you don’t rely on balance points during a workout, writes the “Women’s Health” magazine.

The magazine suggests performing 4 of each of the following exercises and repeating the whole thing 4 times once a week.

Hanging Crunches

a way of exercising 6-pack muscles

If you’re planning on developing your 6-pack muscles, this exercise is a must. It’s great for developing strength and stability in external and internal oblique. In order to do this exercise, you need to attach ab straps to a fitness rig, slide your arms through the straps and grip it around the top. Hang with your legs straight and squeezed together, then bend your knees and pull them towards your stomach.

Hanging Left and Right Oblique Crunches

an exercise for strengthening the body sides

This exercise is great for strengthening the sides of your body as well as working on the glamorous appearance of your abdominal muscles. In order to perform this exercise, you should begin from the position of the standard hanging crunches mentioned above. Bend both of your knees and pull them towards your rib cage, twisting your torso in the process and hold for a moment. Do each side individually.

Hanging L-Sit

an exercise of developing quadriceps

Not only will you work your abdominal muscles even harder than before, but you’ll also develop quadriceps strength and increase the flexibility of your hamstrings. Once again begin in the same position as the hanging crunches then lift your legs to meet the height of your hips forming the letter L with your body and hold for a moment.