The Beauty Products You Should Carry With You At Your Wedding

Getting dolled up on your wedding day will leave you feeling like the most beautiful woman in the world. Even if there are tears at the altar, a freak rain shower, or a super-sweaty dance floor, there isn’t a bridal beauty blunder that will detract from your wedding being the Best. Day. Ever.

However, it doesn’t hurt to bring along some beauty back-up just in case you need a touch-up or two, writes «The Women Health» magazine.

The magazine suggests these beauty products that will keep you looking picture-perfect from the moment you see your groom until your grand exit.


lipstick - the beauty product that you need on your wedding day

Between kissing guests hello on their cheeks to raising a glass during the toasts, your lip color is the makeup product that tends to fade the quickest. Keep a pocket version of your lip color in your clutch or ask your makeup artist to scoop off a bit into a tiny container and apply with your fingers.

Lip Balm

lip balm - beauty product that you need on your wedding day

Another key to keeping your pout fresh? Even if you’re wearing lipstick for the day, an occasional swipe of lip balm in between lipstick touchups doesn’t hurt. This gives lips a hydrated boost (which also keeps color from flaking off). Once the balm has set, reapply your go-to hue. 

Setting Powder

setting powder- the beauty product that you need on your wedding day

Don’t bring your entire makeup bag or touch up too much over the course of the evening. Building products on top of product over the night (like oh no my blush ran from tears!) will make your face feel cakey and uncomfortable. That’s why she suggests you should only pack a mini powder compact for your face. Dusting on a light layer will nix sweat and keep everything in place

The Q-tips

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Even though Q-Tips are technically more of a tool than a product, stash one or two in your bag. They’re an easy way to touch up any falling eye makeup or running mascara without disrupting your entire look.