Surprising Benefits of Having Fewer Toys

It’s totally normal to assume that kids need more toys to entertain them if they’re spending all of their time at home, but is that really the case? There are actually some surprising benefits to having fewer toys, and they go far beyond not stepping on Legos every night after bedtime.

Here are several positive changes you might notice if you minimize your kids’ toys.

Kids play creatively

Sure, you want to provide an enriching environment for your children, but a little boredom is actually a good thing for kids. Mild boredom, a lack of constant entertainment and novelty, is what inspires creativity.

Gratitude comes easy

When kids constantly get new toys, they grow to expect it, and it’s understandably difficult for them to truly appreciate new toys, no matter how cool they are. A smaller number of new toys that are of high quality and really targeted to your child’s interests are much more likely to be appreciated.

Siblings learn sharing

When a child has to wait to use the cool ride-on toy in the backyard or negotiate using the action figures together with their sibling, they learn valuable social skills that simply don’t come up if there’s two of everything.

Toys get taken care of

When there are toys everywhere, kids hardly notice if something breaks. Even if they love the toy, they assume a new one will quickly replace the broken one.

 Next time a toy gets broken because it was left outside or someone was careless with it, don’t replace it for a while. Let your child actually miss it, which helps teach the lesson to take better care of their things in the future.

Love of reading

Having fewer toys means your child can be more likely to turn to books for entertainment. If there are toys everywhere, books can get lost in the shuffle, but if a kid’s room has a few thoughtful toys and a basket of books in a little reading nook, they are much more likely to become little bookworms.