Sugar, Fat or Carbohydrates: From Which Different Body Types Get Fat?

Depending on your body shape, different foods can threaten your body. Know the enemy in the face!



  • above average height;
  • shoulders, hips and waist are almost the same;
  • excess weight usually appears on the stomach and thighs, while arms and legs remain thin.

“Bananas” need to limit fats. They usually get thin easily, therefore, in addition to a low-fat diet, it will be enough to walk more and perform simple exercises at home to strengthen the abdominals and hips (squats, lunges, twists).



  • shoulders wider than hips;
  • the upper half of the body is larger than the lower;
  • slender hips and legs;
  • broad chest and abdomen;
  • tend to gain weight only on the stomach.

This type rarely needs to lose weight, rather – to achieve a flat stomach and pump up the hips and buttocks, so that the figure is more harmonious. The latter is solved by exercises and restricting carbohydrate foods.



  • Lower part of the body is larger than the upper;
  • shoulders are narrower than hips;
  • excess weight is formed below the waist.

The main enemy of “pears” is sweet. Especially at night, in compensation for the experienced stress. This is the most feminine type of figure and the most “hormone-dependent”, since this type is formed under the influence of estrogen, a female sex hormone, and this same hormone drives us to eat some sweeties.



  • upper and lower parts of the body are balanced;
  • hips and shoulders almost the same size;
  • difference between hips and waist are over 15 cm;
  • excess weight is evenly distributed throughout the body.

One of the sexiest body types and the most time-consuming when it comes to weight correction. It’s difficult to choose a diet for them, so for effective weight loss it is necessary to limit fats, carbohydrates and sweets at the same time. And as a sport, swimming is optimal: it strengthens the body, the press, but does not result in excess muscle mass.