Stay at Home. What Will be Closed This Week?

Coronavirus Prevention The Ministry of Health urges everyone to stay at home, especially in crowded places. In this regard, many companies in Yerevan temporarily close their doors. The most active Armenian blogger Kamo Tovmasyan posted a post on his Facebook page, where he briefly presented the main news of the day, noting which companies are temporarily closing their doors. Particularly, he wrote:

Good Sunday! news from a single balcony ….

1. Yerevan Mall and Dalma Garden Mall will be closed until March 23
2. Casa de España Yerevan restaurant will not work for a week. Although there is no official call for restaurants in Yerevan, the management of this Spanish restaurant has decided to suspend operations for a week.
3. Schwarzenegger shows how to maintain hygiene
4. Evocabank follows all safe service rules…/a.25662577117…/1549202221921493/
5. One of the confirmed cases of coronavirus on March 14 is registered with a school-aged child, again from the Echmiadzin case.
6. In Italy, the number of people recovering from coronavirus has increased by one third in one day, and the death rate has fallen by 70%.
7. In Moscow, 50 people have already been discharged
8. Gold’s Gym offers online training at
9. Echmiadzin, Have a wedding, don’t be afraid, you won’t stay home)