Single Person’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

For those who are in love and dating, Valentine’s Day is a great way to celebrate their relationship with their partner. On the other hand, when it comes to single people, this holiday may leave a bitter taste in their mouth. Just because you don’t have a lover to share the holiday with doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, writes “The Insider.”

The magazine states that the following list of activities may turn the Valentine’s Day around for all the single people out there.



No Better Time for Shopping

shopping time on Valentine's Day

Tones of stores put up sales for the couples that desperately searching for gifts for each other, yet no one said single people can’t take advantage of it. Take the money you would otherwise be forced to spend on your partner and get yourself a new wardrobe.


Secret-Valentine with Friends

"Secret Valentine" with a friend

The game is simple; it follows the rules of Secret-Santa, yet is set in the context of Valentine’s Day. Put everyone’s name into a hat then randomly draw a piece of paper to determine for who you’ll be getting the gifts. Who needs a partner to get a box of chocolates or flowers as a gift on February 14.



    It’s All Mine

the delicious dessert is fully yours on Valentine's Day

Get your favorite things, be it food or anything else, and enjoy not having to share it with anyone. No one will be stealing your fries or asking for a piece of your cake. Enjoy this moment when it’s all for you as one day you might forget how that feels.

Laugh it up

Laughing with friends on Valentine's Day

It’s just one day which shouldn’t bare so much meaning to you. You can relax, put on some comedy movies and laugh the day off. Halfway through the movie, you will forget it’s even a holiday. There are many people around the world who are spending Valentine’s Day alone, yet there’s nothing sad about it.