Signs That You are a Good Parent

Any parent is trying to be perfect for their child. Someone brings up in severity, the other, on the contrary, in permissiveness, but everyone tries their best.

We collected key indicators, according to psychologists, that prove that you are a cool parent.

A child shares troubles with you

It is wonderful when a son or daughter proudly tells you about their successes and achievements. But it’s much more important that they are not afraid to tell you about their troubles. The desire to share your failure with someone, so that you are listened to and supported, is a natural human need. The child must understand that in life there are different situations and there is nothing shameful in mistakes and sadness.

You do not pursue grades

If, for example, a child gets a bad mark in school, then he should not have fear that parents might find out about it. Intimidated children often hide a diary or tear out pages from it, and sometimes they are simply panicky afraid to go home, because there they will be punished. Good parents explain to their child that school performance is important, but knowledge, not grading, is much more important. In such education, the child understands that, having learned the material, he can independently correct the situation.

Your family respects the privacy of everyone

Many parents consider it mandatory that a child, for example, always knock at the entrance to their bedroom. While they themselves allow themselves to burst into his room without knocking. Family rules should be the same for everyone. Respect the personal boundaries of the child, and he will answer you the same.

You do not criticize the child

Good parents will not criticize their child. You should not call him stupid, fat or lazy. Such epithets give rise to complexes in the baby, which are difficult to get rid of even in adult, conscious age. Try to choose the words and say what specific actions you are unhappy, without going over to an insult to the person.

Source: Adme