Short Hairstyles

A proper haircut can unrecognisably transform fine hair, having a shocking effect on everyone around you. We asked a professional hairdresser to tell us how to deceive everyone without the help of a wig and false strands. If by nature you do not have as much hair as you would like to, and they are thin, then do not get upset. The main thing is to find a master who will study the individual features of your hair and pick up the haircut that will not only suit you, but also visually make your hair look thicker.

Textured Haircut

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First, short haircuts almost always look bulky. In some cases, even laying is not needed. Secondly, it is much easier to cope with short hair (you spend less time washing and drying). Thirdly, in order for these two previous points to work, the haircut must be graded (multilayered). It is suitable for almost all types of hair, but the owners of small, tight curls should be careful, since it is very difficult to lay them. Fix the mess on your head with the help of styling products (clay, spray with sea salt or foam for volume), so that the texture of the hair is visible. And that’s all! From thin hair there will be no trace.

Pixie with long bangs

This haircut is among the most stylish. The fringe should certainly be laid on the side or combed back in a more extravagant fashion. Short and medium “pixie” haircuts can very successfully emphasize facial features, accentuate the eyes, the shape of the face and highlight the neck line, making you the center of attention. If you want to create a gentle and romantic image, lay your hair, smoothing it with styling means and using mousse medium hold to discipline your hair. For a more playful image, you need a special hair paste, which should be applied to the tips.

Straight Cut

Fine hair is often finer near the ends, making it look even thinner. A straight cut gives volume to your hair and a beautiful shape, looking very stylish and always neat. Therefore, this option is suitable for those, who are not yet ready for a short haircut. And another tip: use a sealing mousse for styling, which will add extra volume.

Long bean

Another popular hairstyle of this year is the elongated bean or, as it is also called, “Long Bob”. This haircut is suitable for both straight and curly hair. It can be done with or without a bang and will look different, depending on the style: feminine or bold, modest or piquant, strict or romantic. But always cool!


The light texture of the cascading haircut gives the hair an extra natural volume. Such a haircut goes with each type of face. You can beat the image with the help of hair coloring techniques; bright flashes on the strands will enhance the visual effect of volume.