Shoe Trends For Coming Spring

What could be better than a new pair of shoes? Our mood and self-confidence also depends on them. This season, many women will be pleasantly surprised by the trends of the coming spring.

Transparent shoes

If you like the style of Kim Kardashian, then you can easily keep transparent shoes in your wardrobe.

Orange shoes

Orange is the most fashionable color of the season. So, you must have something in orange in your wardrobe.

Sports style

Traditional sports shoes will not be trendy, but shoes that resemble sneakers and are not designed for sports are going to be trends of coming spring.

 Ballet shoes

A variety of strings and a square toe will “blow up” the world of shoes.

Shoes on the platform

It seems that the platform is and will always be relevant.

Shoes with theme of sea

Buy yourself a pair of such shoes and feel pleasure of the vacation and the beach the whole season.

Shoes with feathers

Choose shoes with feathers for special events, as such shoes can look “too much” in everyday style.

Prints on shoes

Shoes with flower and animal prints will be the top ones.

Shining shoes

The most spectacular shoes of the new season will be the shining shoes.

Fringe shoes 

In the spring, you are offered to wear shoes or sandals with fringe.

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