Shocking Stories About Celebrities

Celebrities that are always in the front of cameras are hard to believe that have stories that people don’t know yet. In this article we present stories about celebrities that very few people know.

  1. Leighton Meester

The actress was born in a jail. Leighton’s mother was arrested because of using drugs and while that the actress was born. Till 11 years old Leighton was raised by her grandparents.

  1. Tom Cruise

The famous actor of Hollywood served as a priest in catholic church and studied in catholic school. But then he changed his mind after robbing a beer with his classmate.

  1. Katy Perri

The singer was raised in a very strict family where she was allowed only to read Bible. It was even unacceptable to pronounce word “devil”.

  1. Rihanna

In the teenager age she has served in an army in Barbados.

  1. Rebel Wilson

Before starting an acting career, the actress was ill with malaria. But after treatment, she was very inspired and that’s why started an acting career.