“She will eliminate the family from her life.” Meghan Markle is tired of her Father’s Behavior

According to the royal family laws, the Duchess of Sussex can not comment on any scandal. No matter how much her father or other relatives are disturb her, she must keep her feelings in mind. However, this law does not refer to her friends, and one of them had a sincere interview with the authoritative Daily Mail periodical, referring to Meghan Markle and her family relations.

According to him, the behavior of Meghan’s father was frustrating to the duchess, but it was not a surprise for her. Meghan had to grow up next to a self-centered person and often felt emotional pressure from his father. “What do you think, why Meghan’s mother divorced from him,” Markle’s friend hinted.

Thomas Markle insists that it would have been better him to die  for his daughter. He criticized Meghan’s dress and “false” smile and said that Princess Diana would not approve the attitude towards Meghan.

“The Duchess does not understand why her father makes such statements and wants him to stop communicating with the press. This is the only gift from his father that Meghan needs, ” said the Meghan’s close friend.

It is known that in the near future the Duchess of Sussex will travel to the United States. Her relatives hope for a reunion, but Meghan hasn’t planed to get in touch with them. According to her friends’ words, the family greatly offended her. Besides, Meghan does not trust them and is afraid that their conversation will be in the press. He knows how to take care of one’s own life, and if that means that it is necessary to eradicate toxic people, she will do the same.