Rihanna Before Plastic Interventions and After Them

Recently, Rihanna’s appearance has been much discussed. People are trying to figure out why he is getting fat and losing weight. However, this is not the only issue that interests her fans. They also want to know if Rihanna has done plastic surgeries and what cosmetic interventions she has gone through.

According to experts in the field, Rihanna has apparently performed rhinoplasty because her nose has become more neat and smaller. As for the breasts, there is a controversial opinion as the breast growth may be linked to her obesity.

To keep the skin bright, Rihanna regularly visits her cosmetologist. The stressful life of the Hollywood star could not impact negatively on her skin, but one of the main discoveries of contemporary cosmetology, the botox, is for that. Most likely, Rihanna has done a Botox injection on her forehead.

It’s a fact that the singer’s skin shines from the inside. It’s hard to achieve such a product without any interferences. To maintain the simplicity of facial contours, she selects an Ultraformer ultrasound procedure that can eliminate all unnecessary facial defects on one visit.

Source: Peopletalk