Relieving Your Own Back Pain: Chiropractors’ Methods

Seeking quick methods to relieve back pain doesn’t always have a long lasting effect. If you ever wondered how chiropractors avoid and relieve their own back pain, then you will be surprised to find out that they take a long-term approach. “We reached out to the pros to find out how they keep their own back pain from being such a, well, pain,” states “Women’s Health” magazine.

“Women’s Health” compiled a list of methods which will help you to relieve the ever so bothering pain you experience in your back.

No Smoking

a cigarette

People who smoke are more prone to experiencing back pain than those who don’t. It may seem hard to ditch this addicting harmful habit, yet the long term positive effects are completely worth it. Study shows that most of the people felt back relief right after quitting.

Active Lifestyle

a girl doing body-stretching exercise

The lack of activity in everyday life leads to postural and mechanical injuries in the back. Living a sedentary life is often the cause, so performing exercises that strengthen the core and help with the alignment are key to getting rid of the back pain.


doing meditation in nature

The pains may often stem from nerve irritation which in its turn often appears from stress. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine, few minutes of meditation a day will have a positive impact not only on your back, but overall health and wellbeing.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet


While some inflammation is natural and expected, people’s diets are often to blame for constant unpleasant inflamed state. The presence of ultra-processed foods in the diet can cause excess pressure and pain in the joints and the back. To keep the inflammation in check chiropractors follow a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and keep their meat intake to the minimum.