Reasons to Stop Breastfeeding

Mothers generally start to wean their babies from breast milk at some point during their first year. These are some common reasons for stopping breastfeeding:

  • Wanting to get to back to work or school.
  • The baby doesn’t seem satisfied by breast milk alone.
  • Beginning a round of medication that can pass through the milk affect the baby.
  • For some, breastfeeding can be very uncomfortable, or it irritates their bodies.
  • The amount of milk being produced might not be enough for the baby. Supplementing with other foods can solve this problem.
  • Difficulty latching onto the nipple can make it hard for a baby to get enough food from nursing alone.
  • Sometimes a baby can lose interest in breastfeeding, leading the mother to stop and introduce other foods to the diet.
  • Some mothers follow cultural norms and practices of society that dictate what age to stop breastfeeding.
  • You might be trying to get pregnant again. Breastfeeding can be a natural contraceptive method.

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