Reasons for Sudden Blurry Vision

A sudden loss of the sharpness of your eyesight, aside from being annoying, might also be a warning from your body that something needs medical attention. Blurry vision can be linked to more severe diseases and should be checked ASAP.


Doctors say that our body weight is associated with our eye health. Obesity is associated with many eye diseases, like cataracts.


A heavy migraine could also cause trouble with eyesight and, more specifically, cause blurry vision along with light flashes, wavy lines, and spots.

A reaction to depression, anxiety, or grief

Mental health issues often lead to serious psychosomatic problems, especially for people dealing with anxiety disorders or depression. A study in the UK found that among more than 100,000 volunteers who experienced blurred vision, a great percentage also suffered from mental health problems.


This might come as a surprise to you, but pregnancy is also one of the probable causes of blurry vision. Sometimes mothers-to-be experience eye problems, which are the result of hormonal changes.

Source: BrightSide