Prepare a Coat for Autumn: 5 Practical trends

Isn’t it time to think about the autumn wardrobe? The “Grazia” magazine has presented the list of 5 coat fashion trends for this autumn.


If you’ve never had things with a leopard print, perhaps it’s time to try. It can be a faux fur coat (only it should be short) or a printed wool. The contrast of the image should be high.


The cage is a trend that is already on the decline, but nevertheless will look quite relevant for this fall. If you are buying a coat now, choose a large colored cage and an interesting silhouette (for example, an oversize). If you already have a cage coat of a calmer color, supplement it with bright accent accessories.


An interesting technique is the glossy texture. Most often it is imitation patent leather. It will look more stylish combined with backpacks or big bags.

Classic beige

Beige trench coat is a thing that is always relevant. But be attentive to whether the shade suits your skin.

Gray coat

A gray coat made of wool is a universal thing. And if you do not have a coat yet, then I think it’s worth starting with gray. There are many variations in shades. The main thing is to choose a laconic model with a minimum of details.