Pamela Anderson Released a New Book About Passion, Men and Love.

American actress and model talked about her three marriages and the reasons for the divorce, and also shared the example of the ideal relations in the framework of the promotional campaign of her new book, “a Thirst for love: the revival of intimacy and passion in your relationship”. In addition, “the lifeguard” of Malibu openly told about life in the South of France and her relationship with 32-year-old French football player of Moroccan descent, defender of the club “Olympique Marseille” Adil Rami.

Pamela Anderson's book

According to “Koztimes” periodical, a true example of family life for Pamela are her parents, who have lived together for over 50 years: “They are still in love with each other, although along with the age of 16. They had a lot of ups and downs, but they kept the romance alive and look like real lovers -shared Anderson. Truly, it is very important to remember some of the common failures and rejoice in the fact that we were able to get through this together.

Pamela Anderson and her boyfriend

Talking about her beloved, who is younger than her 18 years, she noted: “We are happy! Of course, I try to keep personal life secret as possible. Besides, he and I have our own world, and we are not going to tell anyone, because I really want to protect our privacy․” At the end she noted, that she knows how to return passion in relations.