Outfit Tricks to Look Instantly Younger

Everyone wants to look young, and it’s not actually that hard. For that purpose, just keep reading.

Embrace patterns

No matter the pattern, it will create visual interest and look playful. But picking the right ones will have an even bigger impact. The straight lines in stripes, zigzags, and geometric patterns can look conservative and strict, so pick ones with softer edges instead.

Brighten up your color palette

Brighter shades make you seem more open and fun, which in turn makes you look younger.

Don’t be a slave to trends

Jumping on board with every fashion fad could make you look out of touch. It’s important that you try and dress younger, not like your children or grandchildren.

Bare your shoulders

Don’t be afraid to show off your arms with a sleeveless or cap-sleeved top.

Simplify your accessories

Be picky when deciding which to show off every day. Whilst older generations are huge fans of jewelry and watches, the youth of today are generally very minimalist.

Don’t banish all your heels

Getting older, you might shift from a “pain is beauty” mindset to wanting more comfort from your clothes. But don’t banish all your heels just yet. It’s still age-appropriate to wear heels. The perfect level of style is when there’s some comfort in there. Swap out your five-inch pumps for kitten heels, platform shoes.

Source: rd.com