Optical Illusion: Tricks to Make You Slimmer

Usually, we forget to look stylish and beautiful in winter, because all we want is to stay warm. However, there are many ways to have fashionable combination during cold weather. We have selected for you fashion combinations that do triple work: make your image relevant for the winter season 2020, warm and, of course, visually “stretch” your figure, bringing it closer to the ideal.

“Holiday” Jeans

We are sure that during the predominance of the “skinny” you managed to miss this retro silhouette from the 70s. Moreover, just such a style of jeans can visually “stretch” your figure, correctly placing proportional accents on your figure. If you’re not afraid to experiment, then choose ultra-wide models.

Thin Long Scarf

Another fashion trick that in the winter of 2020 will allow you to remain both slim and stylish. We are sure you know that in order to stretch a figure you need to add a contrasting vertical accent, which definitely may be a long, thin scarf.

V-Neck Sweater

Such a manipulation is perhaps one of the most common way to make a figure slenderer and more miniature. With the help of these sweaters, your shoulders and neckline will look very graceful and elegant.

Monochrome Look

We are sure that you also have noticed more than that monophonic sets look much more attractive than a combination of various prints and textures. It is the monochrome looks that will cope perfectly with the task of turning your imperfect figure into a slim and graceful silhouette.


We officially declare that such a look in winter 2020 will decorate absolutely any environment and will be able to visually transform your figure. To accurately make the silhouette slimmer, keep in mind that the trousers should be with arrows, and the jacket must be just below the hip.

Source: ivona.bigmir