Nutrition Rules for Schoolchildren

The diet of the child is a very important task. Taste preferences are laid down in childhood, then preserved in adulthood. Naturally, children most often like not the most wholesome food (hamburgers, chips, crackers, sweet soda, chocolate bars, etc.) and the task of parents is to instill in their children the rules of proper nutrition, explaining what kind of food is good for health, and from which can be harmful. Nutritionist Natalia Samoilenko shared some nutritional rules for schoolchildren.

How shall the schoolchildren eat?

Diet. Start meals at about the same time;

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are required meals, you must not skip them; ⠀

Choose quality products and read the composition on the label. The simpler and more understandable it is for you, the better.

Sit down at the table with the whole family;

Drink plenty of water. Tea and juices will not replace pure water. Juices are generally better to be excluded – they have as much sugar as in sweet soda. Instead, give the children whole fruits. ⠀

Source: Ivona