Nairian’s latest innovation: Moisturizing Bath Oil

Nairian, the first manufacturer of natural cosmetics in Armenia, has created a new perfect formula for all skin types: sensitive and problematic skin. Nairian’s new bath oil moisturizes the skin while washing it.

“Innovation is a principled approach for Nairian, and aromatherapy is also very important. We do not shy away from combining new ingredients with our local healing oils as we believe that unifying cultures, even in the field of natural cosmetics, are much more powerful and effective. In this case, we have combined ylang-ylang with grape seed oil, olive oil and alder. In the Armenian market, this nourishing and moisturizing bath oil is a perfect novelty, as it moisturizes the skin while washing, ”said Nairian co-founder and scientific director Anahit Markosyan.

It is no news that sulfates in various foam gels and baths dry the skin and remove the protective layer of natural skin oil with dust. Almost 75% of detergents and baths contain sulfates, foaming agents, which are often marked with SLS or SLES on labels. These oil-based materials wonderfully “wash” almost everything.

Thanks to Nairian’s New Bath Oil, you no longer have to worry about washing your skin and then moisturizing it. The delicate and sweet fragrance oil of ylang-ylang will bring harmony to your daily bath. Body cleansers usually damage and remove the oily layer of the skin, while Nairian Bath Oil will protect and moisturize the skin as soon as it is washed.

With the help of water, this oil transforms into a milky light mass, gently cleanses and gives silky softness to the body. The main advantage of the oil is that it does not contain sulfates, as a result the skin retains moisture and does not dehydrate. Nairian Bath Oil is also recommended for those with sensitive skin, children over 6 months, and eczema. For aromatherapy bath you can add a little oil to the hot water of the bath. Safe for intimate hygiene. Can be used to cleanse makeup.

Like all Nairian care products, bath oil contains no sulfates, and is free of silicones, mineral oils, parabens, artificial fragrances and pigments. It is perfectly natural and safe for health and nature.