Movies That Will Warm Up Your Fall Evenings

The best way to warm up the sad autumn evening are definitely movies. The films below will not leave you indifferent.

“Otherhood”, 2019

Otherhood is a 2019 American comedy film that is perfect for watching with mom or grandmother. The plot focuses on three friends, who decided to visit their adult sons in New York without warning them.

“About Time”, 2013

This heart-touching story will make you believe in love. The film is about a young man with the ability to travel through time.  To conquer the girl of his dreams, he is ready to return to the past and repeat their first date again and again.

“The Holiday”, 2006

The film is about two women who have not yet found their happiness and are in despair. They decide to swap homes on the eve of the New Year for a much-needed break.

“Stepmom”, 1998

This movie definitely deserves your attention. Julia Roberts plays Isabel, the young girlfriend of the divorced father of two children. Isabel is trying hard to make friends with the children, but they are not ready to welcome anyone else into their life.

“2+1”, 2016

This picture will not leave anyone indifferent. The hero enjoys life in France, combining relaxation and work. But suddenly he gets unexpected news: he has a little daughter. The story is very exciting and interesting.