Monica Bellucci Revealed her Beauty Secrets

The Italian supermodel and actress Monica Belucci is undoubtedly the most beautiful woman of all times. She gets even more beautiful with age. A lot of women want to know her secrets of beauty, so let’s have a look at them.

Natural Look

Monica Bellucci has never done any plastic surgery of her appearance. She doesn’t even need any Photoshop magic as many celebrities.


The actress washes her hair twice a week but not more than that. She dilutes the shampoo with the water while shampooing. She never blows dry her hair to keep it natural.


Bellucci mentions that the most important thing in the beauty of a woman is natural and healthy skin. She loves to keep her skin fresh with freshening masks and always moisturizing it.


Bellucci doesn’t love doing make-up and keeps her look all natural. It makes her even more unique and charming among other celebrities.

LipGloss Dior

In addition, it is important to mention that Dior is Monica’s favorite brand and she always uses lip gloss by Dior. For the evenings she usually goes by red one.