“Miss Armenian 2018.” Prior the contest all the participants knew the name of the winner

“Miss Armenian 2018” Beauty Contest was held on July 8. Women’s magazine “Classy.am” couldn’t remain indifferent to this beauty event.

We interviewed Shushan Grigoryan, a participant of the “Miss Armenian 2018” contest. She studies the 2nd year of her bachelor degree in the American University of Armenia.

Shushan, who was among the best 10, while having an interview with “Classy.am” magazine, spoke about the competition and the event. She mentioned that before the contest day, all the participants had already known the name of the winner.

“I do not know whether this is enough to qualify the competition fair or unfair, but before the contest, all the participants knew the name of the winner. We thought she would be the winner not because we thought she is the best, but because the organizers had a unique attitude towards her from the very first day. You can make conclusions for yourself “-she noted.

In response to our question why she had decided to take part in the competition, she responded that she is making decisions in an arbitrary manner. The decision to join “Miss Armenian 2018” has happened spontaneously. “I neither thought for a long time, nor consulted with my relatives.”

To the question, “What gave you this contest,” Shushan answered: “The competition made me realize that life is not a game and there are injustices. Now I consider myself a strong person who is more experienced … I was expecting the competition to be fair and each participant to get everything that she deserves. Besides, I supposed that regardless of the victory or defeat “Miss Armenian 2018” contest should open new doors and ways. But apparently in our country, this kind of competitions are not fair. ”

In response to a question whether she would take part in another Armenian or international competition, she noted that she wouldn’t participate in Armenia, however, for the international competitions, she will take part with great pleasure.