Meet Lorenza Sebasti: The Renaissance Woman of Winemaking

For many Italians, “home” is a word rooted in the region where they were born. Lorenza Sebasti, however, is a rare transplant—a Roman who found her true home in Tuscany. In 1976, Sebasti’s family acquired Castello di Ama, a historic estate in the Tuscan countryside. Sebasti immediately felt a deep connection with the land.

“The love I have for it is unlike any other place on this earth,” she explains.

Today, Sebasti is the CEO and Managing Director of Castello di Ama, which has garnered international recognition for excellence in hospitality, winemaking, gastronomy and art, all thanks to Sebasti’s personal style, creativity and ambition.  Under Sebasti’s direction, however, it has come to be more than just a winery.

What does your day-to-day work look like as CEO of Castello di Ama? 

I can guarantee that it is never static! I maintain an active role in the estate, whether it’s choosing décor for our five in-house suites, tasting library vintages of our wines or planning travels and sharing news from the estate with our global network of partners.

What sets Castello di Ama apart from other Italian wineries? 

We have a consistent style that is recognizable in all assets of what we do—whether it’s the elegance in our wines, the refined glassware and recipes we use at the Ristoro di Villa Pianigiani, our restaurant or the hospitality that greets you upon arrival or at a tasting booth at an international fair. We always respect tradition, but also have a distinct flair that keeps us contemporary.

Is there a Castello di Ama wine that you would drink every day? Or that you associate with a special memory? 

I have a fondness in my heart for each of our wines, but my absolute favorite is our Chianti Classico Gran Selezione San Lorenzo, our “business card,” if you will. This wine gathers fruit from our best vineyards and is a classic example of the special terroir that is hidden in our valleys.

Describe your creative process for developing the Castello di Ama line of fragrances.

I’m never happier than when I am home at Ama. Each season carries its own special aura, and ever since I was a young child, the smells of this place in each season have resonated with me. I wanted to capture the scent of special days spent working in the countryside.

Have you had any personal or professional female mentors that have strongly influenced your career?

I am inspired by many great artists, specifically Louise Bourgeois (a sculptor who developed an art installation at Castello di Ama in 2009.) My encounter with her was extremely important to help me dig more into myself and understand my limits and ambitions versus listening to my soul.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I’d tell her, “Be softer and be gentle with yourself. Indulge more in the appreciation of nature.” When I moved from Rome to Ama, I knew it was like a sign from an ancient ancestor calling me to live here.

Have you ever visited an Italian winery? What did you learn from Lorenza’s story about being the CEO of Castello di Ama?

Source: Darling Magazine