Mariam Pashinyan Spoke About Her Entry to Politics and Other Topics

Nikol Pashinyan’s daughter, Mariam Pashinyan, who has about 32,600 followers on the Instagram, often publishes posts from her daily life. This time, Mariam gave her followers the opportunity to ask her questions in the “story” section of the Instagram. This question-answer opportunity, Mariam called “an hour of exchanging thoughts.”

Mariam was asked where she likes to have a rest in Armenia and around the world, to this question she replied that her most favorite place is Artsakh.

In response to another follower’s question of what she will do in the future, she replied that she prefers to act then to talk about it. The other question was about the sisters. Who is she more connected with? Arpi or Shushan? Mariam answered, “I am infinitely connected with both of them … and, of course, with Ashot.”

There were also questions about style. “Do you combine your clothes by yourself?” Mariam answered “of course”. Answering the question about the work, Mariam answered that she is doing internship at the UN Development Program.

One of the followers had asked, “Isn’t it hard to be at the center of attention?” Mariam answered: “It was really difficult, especially at the very beginning, but I have already got used to it and can control everything that’s going on around me.”

One of the most interesting question was related to the Prime Minister. “Do you give advice to the prime minister, share opinions and ideas with him?” Mariam said that she gives advice but not always they agree with each other. She, also, added that she shares her concerns because she will be engaged in politics in the future.