Love Triangle: You, Him and His Work: How to Save Your Relationship?

Your husband loves you, but he loves his work even more and cannot live without it? Congratulations, your husband is a workaholic! But sometimes being married to a workaholic can cause problems in your relationship. Here are some tips to save your relationship.

Respect his job 

Imagine that someone wants to rob you of what you truly love. Your partner feels the same every time you argue with him. You need to understand that for men work is the main source of self-realization.

Take time for yourself

Most couples spend all day long together and forget about time and space for personal things. But it is the key to creating a happy relationship. Find 1-2 hours a day for yourself. It will help you keep your relationship exciting and fresh.

Make plans together

Planning together is the key to a healthy and strong relationship.

The main advises:

  • Work hard on yourself.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere in your home.