Little Tips to Look All the Way Perfect

You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money to look absolutely perfect. There are tiny tricks that will help you to be always astonishing, fresh and young. It is as simple as it is – the secret is in repeating the simple rules on a regular basis.

Drink a glass of water every morning

Leave a glass of water on the bedside table or pedestal. Rush to the glass is the first thing you need to do immediately after waking up. And only then you step in a wonderful day.

Do not forget to wash off your makeup for the night

Cleansing makeup is among the key factors for having beautiful skin. The skin does not “breathe” under the layer of a ton of foundation, which causes bumps.

Wipe your face with an ice cube every morning

Make a chamomile tea, then leave it in the fridge for a while to prepare ice cubes.  And in the morning you can wipe it on your face. Ice procedure strengthens blood vessels and improves skin elasticity.

Brush your hair at night

Brushing your hair before going to bed helps to improve blood circulation. And if you have used hair dye, mousse and other hair care materials during the day, it would be better if you wash your hair.

Don’t forget about physical exercises

With light morning exercises you will feel fresh and vibrant throughout the day and have enough energy to handle all tasks.