Levi’s launched a new campaign to support women around the world

Levi’s company called campaign “I Shape My World”. The main idea of the campaign is that women are able to control their lives themselves. The aim of the company is to gather all the women around the world. This campaign will give women the opportunity to expand their rights and inspire people for new changes.

Levi’s marketing director Jennifer Sei has told that this year they are going to present 10 women’s stories that have their place and say in society.

“I Shape My World” includes more than 40 women from around the world: from India, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Turkey and USA.

The woman from Russia was Anna Rivina, founder of Nasiliu.net center. Anna mentioned: “I have understood that I can’t just do nothing, I have to do something! I want women to care about themselves for the first”. She also added that one of the primary goals of the campaign is to make the public aware of domestic violence and prevent them.

Anna Rivina, also architecture Katya Bochavar and “Боль” Festival Stepan Ghazaryan became the speakers of the “I Shape My World” roundtable, which took place on the eve of March 8. One of the main topics of the day was the physical and mental health of women.