Lack of Sex can Cause These Problems

It turns out that the woman’s outward appearance and behavior can tell about how often a woman has sexual intercourse. It can be expressed through nervous sensitivity, reduced immunity and abnormal mood changes. We present you 7 qualities characteristic for women, who have no long-term sexual relationships.


The hormone oxytocin is produced during orgasm. It can be considered a natural relaxing “pill” that regulates the nervous system, calms it down and helps to quickly fall asleep.

Irritated skin

Passive sexual life leads to aging and paleness. Progesterone, which is produced during a sexual act, helps to prevent such problems.

Low self-esteem

This can be regarded as a major sign. Finally, when a woman does not have sex for a long time, she begins to doubt herself, trying to find flaws in herself. A man makes his wife feel loved, thus raising her low self-esteem.

Headaches and nervous stomach

In fact, headaches are not the reason to refuse sexual intercourse, but vice versa. Oxytocin and estrogen reduce headaches, and the more frequent the sexual intercourse, the fewer the headaches.

Neurosis and Depression

Happiness hormone endorphin, which is produced during sexual activity, causes all the problems to diminish. Right after orgasm there is a feeling of relief and tranquility.

Resistance reduction

As you know, the weakened organism can cause a number of illnesses, including those caused by lactation.


Sex is also a sport. And it is not in vain that dietologists, sexologists and other doctors advise to have an active sexual life instead of training. Can we get rid of excess weight without exerting effort?

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is time to make changes in your personal life.