Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist Declares About Being Gay

Recently, the annual Influencers’ Awards took place in the Hollywood. Mario, Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist stole the show by declaring that he is gay.

“Little boys and girls around the world are growing up with pain and fear like I did, thinking of killing themselves every single day like I did,” Mario told the crowd. “I stand here for the first time in my life a proud 37-year-old gay man.”

Kim Kardashian supported her makeup artist. “He is honestly one of my best friends,” Kardashian West said. “We’ve worked together for 11 years, so 11 years of fights. You guys, we fight like you don’t even understand. We fight like brother and sister. But he’s created some of my most magical memories and really I believe made me who I am today. [He] also really helped with my KKW Beauty Brand. I call him, I FaceTime him at 3 in the morning, testing formulas, showing him shades and he’s always there no matter what. And I love him.”