Keeping Those Brows in Check When the Salons Are Closed

If there’s one non-essential problem that’s come out of self-isolation, it’s managing your eyebrow hairs, and if you like yours preened and polished, you’ll need to take matters into your own hands.

Here is a quick guide for eyebrow care at home.

To begin, clearly define your boundaries with a concealer pencil to create a parameter of where you don’t want to touch the brows and to mark the point in the brow for the start, middle and finish.

To avoid hair breakage, gently stretch your skin, grabbing your brow hair by the root and plucking in the direction of hair growth. When you get to the arch of the brow, remove one hair at a time and view your brows before you continue to avoid overplucking. You may then trim longer brow hairs, brush up with a brow tamer and snip any hairs poking above the brow line.

As for aftercare, brow gels are best for offering a subtle amount of color as they only coat the brow hairs while brow pencils are great for a more defined look.