Jennifer Lopez Showed Everyone How 50-Years-Old Woman Must Look

Looking at Jennifer Lopez it becomes hard to believe that she is 50 years old. She even gets more and more beautiful with her age.

The actress revealed some of her beauty secrets. She mentioned that she doesn’t smoke, drink alcohol and even doesn’t drink coffee.

The singer does not eat sweet, fried; all dishes are steamed from the freshest seasonal products: broccoli, asparagus, quinoa, green vegetables. She never stays hungry, she eats just healthy food. Her diet is made by a nutritionist: it contains both proteins (a lot of fish and chicken), and carbohydrates (brown rice, vegetables).

Jennifer Lopez thinks that the most important thing of staying young is a 10-hours rest. And she always plans her work and sport the way that will give her an opportunity to rest for 10 hours.

She also drinks a lot of water, at least 1.5 liters per day, and also does breathing practice.