Irina Shayk Before Plastic Surgeries

Almost everyone admires Irina Shayk. She has a perfect figure, expressive eyes and full lips.

But is this real beauty? The periodical decided to clarify this with an expert.

“If you compare the photos of Irina of her young years with the latest shots, it is noticeable that now the back of the nose has become thinner and the tip has shortened significantly. So, most likely, she did rhinoplasty.

I do not exclude that the model has done facial contouring of the face with the help of fillers. Look at the middle third of the face (cheek area, cheekbones), it has become more contoured and sculptured.

Another detail attracts attention: Irina has a very animistic face in all the photographs – there are no wrinkles at all, this tells us that she either really shows very little emotion or regularly injects botulinum toxin.

I suppose that many suspect Shayk to increase lips. But, comparing different photos, I can say that she always had quite pronounced plump lips. Therefore, in my opinion, there was no increase. The shape and volume are natural.

If we talk about her body shape, I assume that she has increased her breast size” – said the expert.