Interview with Karoun Asilian,the founder of “Juliette Rose” in Lebanon.

“” magazine had an interesting interview with Karoun Asilian, the founder of “Juliette Rose” in Lebanon. Ms. Karoun is an event stylist & planner, venue designer, as well as master class teacher of “ART DE LA TABLE” educating the basic rules of table & hosting etiquette.

Karoun would you introduce yourself and your business?

I was in fashion for 20 years and my passion was to create and design unique clothes for women.

With time I discovered my other interests and passions in interior decoration; creating lovely setups for my guests at home. I improved myself by attending different master classes in culinary, art de la table, flower arrangements and many more.

Currently my business is styling events, creating themes and planning from A to Z.

Karoun Assilian’s work

When did you start your business?

LBC, a prestigious Lebanese TV channel, hosted me in 2014 to present my work and since then, my journey has lead me to where I am today.

Tell us about your brand and why did you name it “Juliette Rose”?

I fell in love with this rose, one of the hardest and expensive flowers attainable to humans. Inspired for its softness and delicacy, Juliette Rose is a symbol of elegance. My heart was set on bringing my dream to life by creating a venue styling brand, Juliette Rose.

handmade candles by Karoun Assilian                                                                                       

Juliette Rose offers a big variety of table linens custom-made for hotels, venues and weddings.          Special design for chair covers, exclusive vintage and chic handmade napkins, rings, candles, as well as bridal table decorations. Recently I introduced “la Table luxe” tableware & luxurious linens.

Juliette Rose collections which consist of ornate embellishments, embroideries, and captivating designs with chic & unique offerings give any venue the essence of luxury.

Karoun Assilyan’s work

What do you want to emphasize in Armenian weddings? What are the main differences between Armenian and non-Armenian wedding ceremonies?

My goal in Armenia is to put my own touch into the existing traditional Armenian weddings, bringing new inspirations with glamorous items and taking the essence of venues from ordinary to extraordinary.

In the Middle East, soon to be married couples ask for lavish and exuberant decorations. Therefore, for each event, we put our effort to bring in novelties. Lebanese are very demanding and always seek for innovative, extravagant and uniqueness with big budgets.

How much budget a client must have in order to get your service?

The budget is set according to the required theme, work, accessories…  I personally insist on natural flowers rather than artificial ones, but we can always adjust the theme and decorations based on their budget.

Do you cooperate with other people?

The key to success is having one unique, professional and cooperative team.

Any clothes you would never wear?

In the winter season, I dislike shorts with tights and boots.

Where usually people can meet you?

Upon appointments, I meet my clients in my office.

What do you think, what color does describe you?

White is my favorite.

What are the weirdest habits that you think you have?

I would not call them weird, I approach my work with dynamic enthusiasm and I tend to be an idealist.

What can make you quite your job?

As long as i can give & create i will never stop.

What would you advise to women to wear this summer?

I personally advise women to wear clothes which would accentuate their elegance.

What would you wish to our readers?

Have faith in yourselves and your own capacities. I encourage people for continuous learning. It is essential to our existence, just like food nourishes our bodies, knowledge and continuous learning nourishes grows our minds. It’s my strategy for my personal success and development.