How to Wear Leather Jacket This Fall?

A leather jacket is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Such outer clothing is considered one of the most universal, practical and irreplaceable things for the autumn-spring season. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to come up with new interesting images involving a leather jacket for the fall. If you are looking for a trendy image with a leather jacket for the fall, we suggest looking at street-style examples.

This autumn, choose a leather jacket without unnecessary decor. Wear it with skinny jeans, mom-jeans, T-shirts, with laconic shoes in the form of boats, Oxfords or ankle boots. For warmer weather in autumn, choose comfortable sneakers.

If you plan to look feminine, wear a leather jacket with mini or midi-skirts and dresses. To make the image more complete, choose shoes with a wide heel. It’s better to refuse boats and shoes with a thin heel.

A leather jacket will look bright in combination with a skirt made of leather. Such outfits create the impression of a very rich image. And if you want to add a little color, take a voluminous light scarf, belt or bright bag.

Do not limit yourself with only a black leather jacket this fall. Red, coral, burgundy, brick and blue are also in fashion this season.

A leather jacket matches perfectly with hoodies, sweetshots and kangaroos. Try to diversify your image with sportswear. A leather jacket looks very stylish in combination with a sweatshirt, black skinny jeans and sneakers of white color.

Source: Ivona