How to Teach Babies to Brush Their Teeth?

Many parents are faced with the problem that children do not want to brush their teeth, and sometimes this process is accompanied by hysteria. Dentist Julia Selyutina on her Instagram page shared tips on how to teach a child to brush his teeth.

  • Together, buy a beautiful brush: it can be multi-colored, with a picture, with their favorite cartoon hero .. no matter! The main thing is that the child likes it!
  • Toothpaste should be tasty and pleasant, choose a taste together. Sometimes the desire to brush your teeth comes only with a change in the taste of the paste.
  • Play! Everything that takes place in the form of a game, incredibly attracts the attention of children. Connect your favorite toys.
  • Set an example! Children always want to be like their parents. Demonstratively go brush your teeth yourself, turn on the music – it will be more fun and entertaining.
  • It is useless to talk about scary microbes, scare the dentist, caries and expect that it will work.