How to Motivate a Man: Women’s tricks

Want to achieve something from a man? For example, to build a house, or at least to do some house job. Speaking or demanding directly, the goal may not be achieved, especially when your beloved doesn’t really want it. We’ll tell you how to properly and effectively motivate your man.

Find out the reason for his reluctance.

Why doesn’t your man want to fulfill one or another of your requests? Is this a momentary weakness, lack of mood, or is it a crucial moment for him? Perhaps something happened, and under other circumstances he would be more accommodating? Having learned the answer, you will understand how to proceed.

Suggest to start from small

If your beloved is afraid to change something drastically in his life, suggest him to start slowly and carefully. In psychology, there is such a method, when a person sets many short-term goals in front of him, resulting in one big final one.

Praise the man more often

Do not tell him that he is lazy, passive, and stubborn. Not at all, he is picky, thoughtful and energetic! Many men are susceptible to compliments, and they motivate them perfectly.

Don’t be persistent

Do not overly insist on your demand. And be sure to let the man know that you are ready to support him in his endeavors. This fact will be more important than any arguments.

Don’t put a pressure on him

Also, do not put pressure on a man. Few of them can withstand the pressure on themselves. And many, moreover, are distinguished by enviable obstinacy and are ready to do the opposite, just to prove their supremacy. Therefore, your weapon in achieving the goal – softness and patience.

Notice all his efforts

All his efforts to achieve the goal must be noticed and rewarded by you. You should definitely say what a good fellow he is and that no one else would be more brilliant. But remember: compliments should be light, unobtrusive and dosed.

Show an example

This is a dangerous maneuver, but in some cases it works on all 100. Many men simply can’t sit back when the beloved tries and almost tears, doing the overworking work before his eyes. The initiative is immediately intercepted from female hands.

Source: Ivona