How to Make Safe Online Shopping?

I think many of you have access to online stores. We suggest you some advice to have safe online shopping.

Advice 1

When shopping online, be careful about your bank cards. This is important, girls, first explore the site, then attach your card numbers.

Advice 2

Check the real feedbacks of the page.

Advice 3

Keep your contact with the seller. Before you make an order, you can ask different questions to clarify whether a person responds or it’s  just a fake page is opened.

Advice 4

Always attach the card to the cell phone number. Even if that service requires a surcharge. It’s your wallet’s security.

Advice 5

Change your password from time to time.

Advice 6

At the end of each month, take out an extract from the bank account statement.

Advice 7

Change your bank card at least once every 2 years. If you have time to download a program to register your card payments and compare it with the statement at the end of the month.

Wishing safe shopping to everyone.

Author: Tatev Hovhannisyan