How to Look Good in a Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are perfect for the chilly days to keep you warm, but if styled correctly they make for a big fashion statement. If you have a denim jacket in your closet and you have no idea how to style it, the “Harpers Bazaar” magazine’s guide will be helpful.

“Harpers Bazaar” offers the following takes on how to style your denim jacket from winter to spring.


Hood Takeover

hoodie and jeans coat

This look goes well for the cooler days when you need that extra layer of warmth. Style your jacket by wearing a hoodie or a sweatshirt underneath. Layered looks are all in anyway.

Turtleneck Time

turtleneck sweater and jeans jacket

This goes along the line with the previous look. It’s both stylish and helps to deal with the cold weather. You can rock this look both buttoned up and unbuttoned; depending on the size of your sweater.


Little Pop of Color

a hint of color on the collar of the jeans jacket

Make your look more playful by adding a hint of color on the collar of your jacket. A bright collar will completely elevate your look to another level.

Leather Weather

a combination of leather and jeans

Do you want to rock that 90’s Matrix looks out on a cold night? Then you should take a note from supermodel Bella Hadid who styles her denim jacket with a leather one. Put on a leather jacket over the denim to achieve this chic, layered look.

Shearling Vibes

a denim jacket lined with faux shearling

This 70’s inspired look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. You should get yourself a denim jacket lined with faux shearling. This look is both cozy and chic as demonstrated by Elsa Hosk.