How to Keep Your Makeup Products Clean

Maintaining personal hygiene has been highly recommended as a way to protect yourself from COVID-19. This includes routinely washing your hands and being aware of your surroundings, especially when using public transportation and facilities.

It is also necessary to keep your hands away from your face and to ensure that every product you put on your skin is clean.

Keep your hands clean

Wash your hands thoroughly before and after wearing makeup with soap and running water for 20 seconds. According to the World Health Organization, washing is helpful for removing viruses that may be on your hands.

Avoid applying makeup in public places

It is recommended to apply your makeup at home instead of on public transportation or in toilets to minimize possible exposure to viruses and bacteria.

Makeup enthusiasts sometimes lend or swap their beauty products with friends or family members. Although this may sound fun, one should remember that these items allow bacteria and virus transmission. It is safer to wear your own products.

It is important to routinely wash your beauty products and tools. Soak your brushes and sponges in warm water and wipe the packaging of the products with antibacterial tissues or other cleaning products that contain alcohol. Dry all packaging and tools well before using them.
Shop online

Shopping online can fulfill your needs for beauty products without having to leave your house.

Avoid applying makeup samples and testers directly onto your face

Always be cautious when attempting to apply in-store makeup samples and testers on your face. When trying on lipstick testers, for instance, apply them to your hand instead.